Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Gold fish.

This is me yesterday, wearing a gold necklace. It has a fish on it. I hadn't worn it in awhile. But then I saw this post by Sea of Shoes, and now my heart is yet again yearning for more animal jewelry slash accessories. Today I'm wearing a necklace with an elephant on it. I also recently acquired a black leather purse with a gold crocodile on it from a thrift store. I had to fight an old woman for it. No big deal.

Top and ankle booties from

Monday, January 11, 2010


OMBob you guys. Happy 2010. I've been soooo busy doing things like growing out my bob, getting over my fear of Crocs (unsuccessful), and absolutely nothing else.... that my bob blog has been negligently neglected neglectfully. But hold your horses. I'll be writing much more soon....

Also, what was this guy thinking? Ohhh the humanity. How dare he ask such a question. He's blind.