Saturday, September 27, 2008

Jovovich-Hawk Fall 2008!

Sometimes I think that Milla Jovovich and Carmen Hawk (a.k.a. Jovovich-Hawk) can read my mind or something. Everything they create is exactly my style. And I always like everything from every single one of their collections. Oh, it's probably because vintage clothing and thrifting are my reasons for living... and their designs just so happen to be vintage inspired. Hmph. I looooove the bob haircut girl in their Fall 2008 collection. I wish I could pull off a bob that short, but I can't. These are some of my ultimate favorites from their Fall 2008 collection. I loooove the 60's inspired scooter dress, and matching jacket. I want to try and make my own version of the pink skirt with ruffle trim:

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Trend that I haaaaaaaaaaate.

Yes, boys and girls. It's true. Doc Martins have made a comeback. Apparently, all the cool kids started wearing them last fall... and the trend is now catching on. Docs are now all over place again... and have suddenly become a fall trend. WHYYYY?! Why did this have to happen? No offense to anyone that likes them. I meannnnn... I won't discriminate against you personally. But come on. Could they be any less flattering??? Nope. Ugh... especially the high tops. Disgusting.

Here are some reasons why I hate Dr. Martin high top boots, and the fact that they are a fall trend:

-I guess I'm not cool enough or something?
-I was born with short legs, and they will only make my legs look shorter
-They couldn't be anymore NOT my style
-They're ugly. Gross.
-I never really liked 'em anyway
-I'd rather eat a hot dog with ketchup than wear them (that's a big deal if you know me)
-I hate them

Raise the roof or holler at your girl if you feel me.

So, take a gander at my beautiful artwork dedicated to my hatred of Dr. Martin boots:


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Chloé. Fall 2008. Black is the new black, which used to be the new white, but then was the new gray, but is now the new black again.

Oh, hi. I love the Chloé Fall 2008 collection. Why? Because I basically only wear black during the fall and winter. I'm frequently accused of being a closet goth. Maybe it's because I live in Utah. And the weather during the winter is ridiculously cold. And it turns me into a Debbie Downer (only just a wee bit, but not that bad). So I guess bright colors would be inconsistent with my mood.

Or maybe it's because black outfits are effortless. And everything goes with everything.

Or maybe it's because I am a closet goth, and just don't know it yet. Or not.

Or maybe it's because I just really like black. Yeah, that's probably it.

This winter, I want to wear black coats with three quarter length sleeves... and then wear long black leather gloves with them.

Here are some of my favorites from the Chloé Fall 2008 collection:

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Girl crush of the week...

... is... Julia Flyte from the Brideshead Revisited! Let's call her bob haircut girl crush of the week. Believe it or not, I haven't even seen the movie yet... but it shall happen soon. I've only seen one preview... and oh geeezzz.... I almost passed out. Why haven't I seen it yet? Don't ask me that question.

It takes place in the 1920's and 1930's. Pretty much two of the best decades of the 20th century (well, and the 1940's). Based on the 1945 novel written by Evelyn Waugh. I have the biggest crush on Julia Flyte (played by Hayley Atwell). Talk about bob haircut girl to the max. I'm especially in love with her emerald dress, Asian inspired dress, and delicate white umbrella. Oh man. She makes me proud to be a BHGFL (bob haircut girl for life). Representin'.

I. Must. See. This. Movie. Immediately.

The boy in it looks cute too (Matthew Goode).



Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Victorian women!

Basically, I can't even think about, let alone look at, photographs of women from the late 1800's to early 1900's wearing Victorian and Edwardian clothing without my head falling off. We're talkin' serious panic attack. You have no idea how much I love it. I go to estate sales a lot, and I really think I would just roll over and die right then and there if I ever actually found a genuine old photograph from that era. I adorrrrre the high necklines, dramatic sleeves and shoulders, embellished hats, dainty umbrellas, gobs of lace trim... the list could go on and on...

I would love to re-create a dress exactly like this one, only make it above the knee instead of long. And I would give it a little more room in the waist because breathing is kind of necessary. And the woman wearing it is so beautiful:

I wish soooooo much that I knew the history behind these photos.

This is a Japanamation of a bob haircut girl in a Victorian maid outfit. I just couldn't resist posting it:

I really like this Nanette Lepore Victorian style blouse. I especially love the long lacey sleeve cuffs. I would probably wear this with a high waisted, poofy skirt. Oh, and I would also tie those things around the neck into a bow:

Don't be mad if I start dressing like this a lot this fall and winter. I wanted to put together an outfit of some things I would actually wear (a more realistic and updated version of the photos above), so I created a set on I especially love the cream dress and the beaded coin purse. I can't decide if I'd rather wear the cream bow in my hair, or the cameo pin... it would have to be either / or, because I think both at the same time would be too much:

Ahhhh... I wish I could go back in time...

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Runway steez for real girlz.

I nevvvvvver spend a lot of money on clothes. Yep, I'm cheap. Most of my wardrobe is vintage or thrifted or made by me. If I buy something retail, I'll never spend more than, oh, $50 on one item (unless it's a coat?). That just means I'll have more money left over to buy the important things in life, like green apple Mentos.

I also heart Erin Fetherston. Like, so much. Not only do I love her personal style (and hair!), but her designs are always so pretty and feminine. I love the outfit below, but I refuse to splurge on anything... soooo......

...I decided to make my own re-mix of the outfit for total cheaps like me. I put pictures below, but here's an explanation first:

Coat: I couldn't find one with ruffles at the shoulders (which by the way reminds me of a vintage girls' Rothschild coat), but this one still has billow sleeves. It's from (Japan and Korean fashion that's super affordable and you can't find in the states), you can find the coat here

Dress: Just a simple jersey dress from Forever 21. I love jersey. Find it here

Shoes: Cute little flats from Target

Tights: I love tights from Target

Black scarf & salmon colored hat: I plan to knit those. Ahhhh.... I heart knitting so much. It's also so therapeutic. I put an old knitting pattern picture from 1964 down below because I like the girl's bob haircut, of course. Oh, and because it's old.

Bag: I plan to make that too (yes, with my poor sewing skills). I'm so happy to see more and more girls wearing tapestry bags lately because I have loved them for years, but I was always too afraid they were grandma-ish, and that people were looking at me funny. I love the fabric pictured below, so I'm hoping to be able to find something at least similar at the fabric store.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Girl crush of the week... Miss LuLu and the Teaspoon Shortage! More like girl crush of the past three years, actually. Her real name is Lucia Holm. She's a photographer and artist who does most of her own modeling and styling. She is absolutely exploding with cuteness, from her hair, to her makeup, to her wardrobe styling geniusness. I especially adore her taste in hair bows and tights. Her photography is so incredible, my head almost falls off every time I look at it. I also love her use of props and photo editing. Do what I say, and go to her Flickr site right now. You won't be disappointed.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A dress made out of crap.

Ok, so. I made a dress out of crap on Monday night. I don't watch much t.v., but when I do, I get serious A.D.D. So I have to work on projects at the same time. Gossip Girl was on that night. I have a confession to make. I like it. I usually haaaaate t.v. and I refuse to associate with "The O.C.," "The Hills," etc. If you really wanna know, I believe that "The Hills" was inspired by the Devil. But. I like Gossip Girl. So there. I'm convinced that the reason why I like it is because it's in New York.

Ok, back to my point. So I have this plain gray shirt that I bought off the sale rack for like $5 at Forever 21 months ago, but I've never worn it. I've been known to convert shirts into dresses. Sometimes I don't even know why I own shirts, because I never wear pants (well maybe like once a month). I wear dresses always. Pants invoke serious claustrophobia, if you ask me. So uncomfortable. So. I decided to convert my Forever 21 shirt into a dress. Don't be mad... and don't laugh at me either... but here's an explanation of the dress / outfit... oh, and I put some pictures below:

Bodice of dress: Forever 21 top ($5 off the sale rack)
Skirt of dress: Eeeeek... an old satin pillow case the I haven't used in years (should I be embarrassed? I just didn't have the right kind of black fabric...)
White lace trim at neck: Vintage fabric that I bought at an estate sale
Black velvet buttons at neck: Came from a vintage dress (I switched the buttons out on another dress and saved these)
White lace trim at hem: Also vintage, from an estate sale
Tights: Target (??)
Shoes: H&M in L.A.
Bow in hair: Made from vintage lace trim (tied into a bow and then attached it to a bobby pin)
Bob haircut: Cut by me. Why pay a hair stylist when you can do it yourself...?


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Yep, still hyperventilating.

So. I've been a dedicated bob haircut girl for two years now, and going strong. Today my bobhaircutgirlism was at its peak after watching the Chanel Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2008/9 runway show. If you know what's good for you, you'll watch it now, here.

I'm still recovering. It is perfect in every way. And I'm not just saying that because I happen to be biased towards bob haircuts (wasn't sure if you already knew that?). The show, taking place at the Grand Palais in France, was inspired by "organ pipes and music." The huge steel tubes in the center are intended to resemble organ pipes. I meannnnnn, look at the setting... it's ridiculous.

Insanely beautiful clothing. I've heard some disagree. Some say it's too over the top. Meh, whatever. I think it's all beautiful. Music that will rock your socks off (and very appropriate). Bob haircuts curled under, straight and blunt, and flipped out. In four different colors? Are you kidding? Too much to handle. I especially lost it when all of the models came out at the end. I just wanted to squeeze all of them. Ahhhhhh.... just another reminder as to why I heart being a bob haircut girl. Would you be mad if I started wearing a picture frame around my face? Ok, thanks.

Here are some of my faves from the collection:

And here are some shots of all the models at the end. They look like little dolls. Awwwww:

Monday, September 1, 2008

Louise Brooks is my reason for living.

Well, almost. I actually live for a lot more than that. But Louise Brooks certainly motivates several of the choices I make in life. Well, at least when it comes to fashion and hair. So, in that case, maybe I really do live for Louise Brooks? Because I sort of live for fashion? Well, not really, but sort of? Technically, if she were all I lived for, I, too ,would be dead, I guess. Wow, that sentence had a lot of commas.

Anywayyyy, go here to learn about her.

Ahhhhh.... Louise, Louise.... how I love thee. If I were God, I totally would have made every woman look like her. Hair, body, clothing, and all.

I have officially decided that I am going to be a bob haircut girl for life, thanks to LuLu.

I painted a canvas of half her face and it's hanging on the wall in my tiny apartment.

Who says the LuLu bob is only soooo 1929? I didn't say that. Did you? Jean Paul Gaultier for Neiman Marcus and Jay McCarroll are keeping it real with the sooooo 2000-ish LuLu bob.

And alas. Let's talk about my Louise Brooks wanna-be bob. This is what I look like when I'm trying wayyyy too hard to be LuLu, but too chicken to rock the super short blunt bangs. At least I'm still a bob haircut girl for life?? At least I have that.


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