Thursday, September 18, 2008

Chloé. Fall 2008. Black is the new black, which used to be the new white, but then was the new gray, but is now the new black again.

Oh, hi. I love the Chloé Fall 2008 collection. Why? Because I basically only wear black during the fall and winter. I'm frequently accused of being a closet goth. Maybe it's because I live in Utah. And the weather during the winter is ridiculously cold. And it turns me into a Debbie Downer (only just a wee bit, but not that bad). So I guess bright colors would be inconsistent with my mood.

Or maybe it's because black outfits are effortless. And everything goes with everything.

Or maybe it's because I am a closet goth, and just don't know it yet. Or not.

Or maybe it's because I just really like black. Yeah, that's probably it.

This winter, I want to wear black coats with three quarter length sleeves... and then wear long black leather gloves with them.

Here are some of my favorites from the Chloé Fall 2008 collection:

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