Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A dress made out of crap.

Ok, so. I made a dress out of crap on Monday night. I don't watch much t.v., but when I do, I get serious A.D.D. So I have to work on projects at the same time. Gossip Girl was on that night. I have a confession to make. I like it. I usually haaaaate t.v. and I refuse to associate with "The O.C.," "The Hills," etc. If you really wanna know, I believe that "The Hills" was inspired by the Devil. But. I like Gossip Girl. So there. I'm convinced that the reason why I like it is because it's in New York.

Ok, back to my point. So I have this plain gray shirt that I bought off the sale rack for like $5 at Forever 21 months ago, but I've never worn it. I've been known to convert shirts into dresses. Sometimes I don't even know why I own shirts, because I never wear pants (well maybe like once a month). I wear dresses always. Pants invoke serious claustrophobia, if you ask me. So uncomfortable. So. I decided to convert my Forever 21 shirt into a dress. Don't be mad... and don't laugh at me either... but here's an explanation of the dress / outfit... oh, and I put some pictures below:

Bodice of dress: Forever 21 top ($5 off the sale rack)
Skirt of dress: Eeeeek... an old satin pillow case the I haven't used in years (should I be embarrassed? I just didn't have the right kind of black fabric...)
White lace trim at neck: Vintage fabric that I bought at an estate sale
Black velvet buttons at neck: Came from a vintage dress (I switched the buttons out on another dress and saved these)
White lace trim at hem: Also vintage, from an estate sale
Tights: Target (??)
Shoes: H&M in L.A.
Bow in hair: Made from vintage lace trim (tied into a bow and then attached it to a bobby pin)
Bob haircut: Cut by me. Why pay a hair stylist when you can do it yourself...?


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