Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Trend that I haaaaaaaaaaate.

Yes, boys and girls. It's true. Doc Martins have made a comeback. Apparently, all the cool kids started wearing them last fall... and the trend is now catching on. Docs are now all over place again... and have suddenly become a fall trend. WHYYYY?! Why did this have to happen? No offense to anyone that likes them. I meannnnn... I won't discriminate against you personally. But come on. Could they be any less flattering??? Nope. Ugh... especially the high tops. Disgusting.

Here are some reasons why I hate Dr. Martin high top boots, and the fact that they are a fall trend:

-I guess I'm not cool enough or something?
-I was born with short legs, and they will only make my legs look shorter
-They couldn't be anymore NOT my style
-They're ugly. Gross.
-I never really liked 'em anyway
-I'd rather eat a hot dog with ketchup than wear them (that's a big deal if you know me)
-I hate them

Raise the roof or holler at your girl if you feel me.

So, take a gander at my beautiful artwork dedicated to my hatred of Dr. Martin boots:


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