Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Runway steez for real girlz.

I nevvvvvver spend a lot of money on clothes. Yep, I'm cheap. Most of my wardrobe is vintage or thrifted or made by me. If I buy something retail, I'll never spend more than, oh, $50 on one item (unless it's a coat?). That just means I'll have more money left over to buy the important things in life, like green apple Mentos.

I also heart Erin Fetherston. Like, so much. Not only do I love her personal style (and hair!), but her designs are always so pretty and feminine. I love the outfit below, but I refuse to splurge on anything... soooo......

...I decided to make my own re-mix of the outfit for total cheaps like me. I put pictures below, but here's an explanation first:

Coat: I couldn't find one with ruffles at the shoulders (which by the way reminds me of a vintage girls' Rothschild coat), but this one still has billow sleeves. It's from yesstyle.com (Japan and Korean fashion that's super affordable and you can't find in the states), you can find the coat here

Dress: Just a simple jersey dress from Forever 21. I love jersey. Find it here

Shoes: Cute little flats from Target

Tights: I love tights from Target

Black scarf & salmon colored hat: I plan to knit those. Ahhhh.... I heart knitting so much. It's also so therapeutic. I put an old knitting pattern picture from 1964 down below because I like the girl's bob haircut, of course. Oh, and because it's old.

Bag: I plan to make that too (yes, with my poor sewing skills). I'm so happy to see more and more girls wearing tapestry bags lately because I have loved them for years, but I was always too afraid they were grandma-ish, and that people were looking at me funny. I love the fabric pictured below, so I'm hoping to be able to find something at least similar at the fabric store.

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