Monday, September 1, 2008

Louise Brooks is my reason for living.

Well, almost. I actually live for a lot more than that. But Louise Brooks certainly motivates several of the choices I make in life. Well, at least when it comes to fashion and hair. So, in that case, maybe I really do live for Louise Brooks? Because I sort of live for fashion? Well, not really, but sort of? Technically, if she were all I lived for, I, too ,would be dead, I guess. Wow, that sentence had a lot of commas.

Anywayyyy, go here to learn about her.

Ahhhhh.... Louise, Louise.... how I love thee. If I were God, I totally would have made every woman look like her. Hair, body, clothing, and all.

I have officially decided that I am going to be a bob haircut girl for life, thanks to LuLu.

I painted a canvas of half her face and it's hanging on the wall in my tiny apartment.

Who says the LuLu bob is only soooo 1929? I didn't say that. Did you? Jean Paul Gaultier for Neiman Marcus and Jay McCarroll are keeping it real with the sooooo 2000-ish LuLu bob.

And alas. Let's talk about my Louise Brooks wanna-be bob. This is what I look like when I'm trying wayyyy too hard to be LuLu, but too chicken to rock the super short blunt bangs. At least I'm still a bob haircut girl for life?? At least I have that.


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Rach H said...

I am so close to chopping all my hair off now!!! That was inspiring :) You are so cute. I love your new blog. Yay! You are the most fashionista sister I have. I love you my vintage sister!

PS- I will have new pics up on our blog sooooon!