Monday, November 3, 2008



I can't believe it's already over. So sad. I'm pretty sure I love Halloween more and more every year.

I wanted to stay true to my bobhaircutgirlism, so I wore a blond bob wig, and dressed as the Morton Salt girl. I used the Morton Salt box as a purse / chapstick and gum holder. And the other one is from another night. I just wanted an excuse to wear a vintage hat with netting over my face.


Heather-joy said...

hashi I love it! I didn't know you had a blog!!! I am glad that the party you were going to was the one Jen and I went to!

troy said...

Lol... the Morten salt girl. Only you would think of that. I'm giving it the blue ribbon this year for totally awesome Halloween costumes. It might inspire me to dress up as a food logo too next year... how bout Orvil Redenbaucher, or Colonel Sanders. I would be awesome.