Thursday, February 26, 2009

Blonde bobs & brocade dresses

So I made this dress about a month ago. It was maybe kinda sorta inspired by these:

And maybe this:

From Luella Spring 2009. Which, by the way, Zooey Deschanel wore to the Grammy's recently. Um, talk about killing two birds with one stone. Luella is pretty much like my favorite. And Zooey is pretty much like in my top three when it comes to ultimate girl crushes.

And alas, here is another one of my attempts at sewing and trying to make something without a pattern. AND. Wearing a blonde bob. AND managing to look purdy scary all at the same time:

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Rach H said...

is she the girl in ELF? yeah, she's pretty amazing, and sings so pretty too!

I love your dress, what wonderful work!!!