Monday, March 2, 2009

Bob haircut girl crush of the week....

Isssss..... my friend Susie!

I had an instant girl crush on her when I met her a few years ago. Talk about representing bobhaircutgirlness to the max. She happens to have the best taste in vintage dresses I've ever laid my eyes on. And she rarely wears pants (I'm glad I'm not the only one!)! She's also a recent newlywed. She married my good friend Jesse. I think they're a match made in heaven. These are some photos from a recent photo shoot they did together of Susie's vintage dress collection. Jesse took the photos. He happens to be an incredible photographer/artist. Go to his flickr site. I especially love all the creepy clowns:


Sugar On Top Boutique said...

thanks for putting up a link to my blog! i just re-vamped everything, it looks sooooo much better!

love your blog too! that girl is so pretty!

kinda looks like you!

troy said...

Love the blog, keep it up!