Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Confessions of a bob haircut girl.

So I hafta admit. I recently bought a long brown wig with bangs that I have been wearing lately. It has secretly been making me want to grown my hair out. I just feel so much more feminine with long hair. I also feel like I can wear certain outfits with long hair, that don't really work with shorter hair. So that has been neat.

Ohhhh the betrayal... ohhhh the bob haircut back stabbing (!) ...

But then, there are moments like this... where I come across things like this... that remind me why I love bob haircuts so much, and why I'm so grateful for my little ole loyal bob. This is the first time I've even gone to Bumble & Bumble's website... and this happened to be the story of the day on their website. WHAT?? I guess it's safe to say that someone's watching out for me, and stopping me from making a bad choice of actually growing my hair out??:


1 comment:

Richard said...

Great looking bob haircut! (I usually like the shorter or angled ones)