Friday, October 10, 2008

Oh hi. Do you like tea parties?

I know I do.

Here are some photos (among hundreds of others) from a photo shoot that I did awhile ago with my photographer friend, Jesse Draper. I really love tea parties, and wanted to replicate one in a photo shoot. We were lucky enough to find a really cool old house to take photos in for a whole day. Jesse took hundreds of fabulous photos... but these are just a few from our little tea party scene. I found the mini tea set at a local antique store.

We have done several shoots together. We always have so much fun. And the photos seem to alwayyyys exceed my expectations times, like, a billion. Go to his Flickr site right now. I can't even believe I know someone as talented as him. His creativity inspires me in so many ways.

Oh, and. Here is a picture of Lykke Li with a bob haircut. So cute.

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Allure said...

I've just found out you have a blog. I want to tell you I adore your shop, you always sell great things (really, I'd buy them all if I could) and I guess that's because you've got great taste.