Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A case of the winter clothing romance blues / black and white maxi dresses

There's nothing like beginning of summer wardrobe drama. I never know what to wear at the beginning of the summer. I prefer fall and winter clothing and colors... so I always to hold onto them as long as I can as summer approaches. I usually try to wear sweaters, boots, and tights as long as I can. But then I have no choice once the 80 degree mark is reached. I'm tacky, I know.

But most of all, I adore the fact that fall and winter allows me to (1) layer/layer/layer and wear like 50 pieces all at once, and 2) avoid shaving my legs everyday (gross). Luckily it has been rainy and chilly here the past few weeks. But I know my heart has to let go of its romance with winter clothing oh so soon.

I have decided that the perfect black, white, and gray maxi dress (preferably with loose, flowy, draped, kimono sleeves) will assist me with my painstaking transition (life is so hard sometimes). These are the reasons why such a dress is perfect for me at this given time in my life:

1) I pretty much only wear black, white, and gray most of the time.
2) Draped kimono style sleeves still make me feel like I'm layering (for some reason).
3) I can wear one of my three super huge thick black vintage belts that I recently purchased at a thrift store. With it.
4) I can wear my new vintage "jelly fish" necklace that I have a current love affair with and pretty much don't want to wear anything else (I'll post pics of it later). With it.
5) The lightness and flowyness of the fabric helps me avoid the summer grumpies (that's when I get too hot and it results in chronic pissy-ness).
6) It compliments a black bob haircut quite nicely.

Here are some black, white, and gray maxi dresses that float my boat:


Diane said...

The Chanel dress really gets my attention, thats definitely one of my favourites you have posted here.

I was just actually looking for a few ideas as I really want to get something similar but obviously not so pricey. The Great Universal sale is ending today from what I have seen so I may spend a few hours and hopefully find something that I like!

Thanks for the post.

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